About Me


Hello friends - my name is Sonja, or Sonja Bob, my nickname ever since I lived in New Albany, Indiana for half a year in 2005. I am from a small town near Dusseldorf, Germany and since I met my boyfriend Eric Bob in 2012 in Indiana I am living a complicated double life between two countries. But I am so not sorry. :) I like animals, rock climbing, snowflakes, DIY projects, tea, traveling and frozen yogurt. And just like me, this blog is all over the place. From random peaks into my life to travel logs to DIY related things to art to fashion/beauty to.. everything else. I'm going to Med School in Dusseldorf, Germany after already finished with my Master's degree in Psychology. While I'm still finding myself I only have one rule: Live your life passionately! Do things! Go outside! If you want it, go for it!
In my spare time I enjoy knitting, painting, baking, writing, traveling, hiking, biking, walking my dog Apollo, cooking, sleeping and watching way too much Game of Thrones. Or Gilmore Girls. Or Breaking Bad.

favorite animal: Humpback Whale & Red Panda
idol: J.K. Rowling. Taylor Swift. Pippi Longstocking.
most alike with TV-character: Lorelai Gilmore
favorite food: Sushi. Pizza. Carrot Cake. Hot Sauce.
one thing i can't live without: my passport!

I love being creative and meeting other creative people. So leave me a comment and we can chat. :) 

xx, Sonja Bob

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