October 3, 2013

Beauty is where you find it - Green

This is my first time participating in luzia pimpinella's great event. I love the idea, I just never got around to post something. So I'm really excited. :)

The motto this time is 'Green'. 

These M&Ms have traveled with me from Indiana. They are my all time favorite and you cannot find them here (at least last I checked) - they're mint. :) (fyi I came back with like a zillion mags of M&M flavors you can't buy here. I even had to leave my cowboy boots to make up for the added weight to my suitcase...)

So there you go. :) Now I'm off to a crazy busy weekend! Happy Tag der Deutschen Einheit!

xx, Sonja Bob

October 1, 2013

Home sweet home - und die Helden des Alltags

A little while ago I stumbled upon the blog 'roboti liebt' and I have been reading it ever since. I especially love the idea about nominating the 'Helden des Alltags' (heroes of the every day life) because the beautiful little things definitely go unnoticed too much. 

So I want to nominate my hero today (although I'm not exactly sure that it can be a living thing): My Labrador retriever Mr Apollo. He turned 10 this year and has gotten me through some really tough times. And some really awesome times. I just returned yesterday from a six month long trip to Indiana in the United States and I have missed him so much in every day life, it's crazy. I have become so used to him greeting me at the door, sleeping by my bed, eating the last 1/3 of my ice cream cones, that life without that seems incomplete to me. So naturally, after today's beautiful walk and the very warm (and wet) welcome I got last night he is my 'Held des Alltags'. Because he is the best dog ever. Like, ever. :) 

Apollo likes bananas, water, long walks, sniffing every little piece of grass, getting his belly rubbed, dried rolls and every living thing on earth. He even tries to befriend the bunnies we meet on the fields (they always seem to be running away from him however...). He doesn't like to go biking, be patient or hot weather. He loves to go to the vet because there you meet friends in the waiting room. 


This little guy makes me so happy. :) 

xx, Sonja Bob