September 17, 2013

Sonja Bob's Travel-Log - Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Minnesota

Hey guys!

I thought it was about time I'd share some of my pictures I took on my awesome trip up to Northern Minnesota! It was definitely one of the best vacations I've ever been on, even with millions and millions of pretty extroverted mosquitoes trying to get a bite of my private parts every time I went to the bathroom... So you can imagine that the rest must have been pretty good. ;-) 

I have been working on a Minnesota/Boundary Waters collage with watercolor and ink where I document all the things we saw or did up north - like the different birds and fish, loons being my absolute favorite. There is nothing quite so romantic as lying in your tent at night next to your favorite person listening to loons call out to each other from opposite sides of the lake. :) These things make me happy! 

If you're not a camping person, being out there in the wilderness without a flushing toilet, lip gloss or a Frozen Yogurt place nearby might seem insane to you. And even if you do go camping once in a while, being out there in a tiny canoe on a big, wavy lake with a thunderstorm hammering rain at you while you struggle to paddle against the wind with lightening coming down right across the bay might not seem like such a fun time. In my experience though, going outside of your comfort zone every once in a while can do wonders to your soul. And by that I don't mean to go a shade darker next time you're at the salon.

So Minnesota is definitely my new favorite place on earth - even though all the moose and bears were pretty shy and even the beavers didn't want to come out of their homes. If you need tips on how to survive in the wilderness without giving up everything that makes you a girl - let me know. ;)

These are the creme de la creme of my pictures.. meaning that they are a random selection of them. it was almost impossible to choose only a few, since I took about a million. Might do a video project with the rest.. hmmm...

Tell me about your adventures!!
xx, Sonja Bob

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