September 24, 2013

Lakes and Oceans in watercolor

Today was one of those days where I had a million things planned and ended up not getting anything done. So to cheer myself up I at least finished my watercolor painting that I had lying around for ages. I've been getting into watercolors lately, they're so much fun. I'm still getting used to them however, being a acrylic girl myself. But I definitely have a new crush.


(this watercolor painting is for my aunt and uncle as a homemade present for when I come home. I still have a bigger project waiting to finish for them so maybe this one will tie them over)
(this one was a birthday present for my grandma that I mailed to her. I am going to do multiple birds in watercolor for her as well that match this watercolor painting for christmas so she has a set to hang up together)

I hope your Tuesday was more productive than mine! But to make it all better I'm going to make Crab Cakes now. So excited!! 

Until next time!
xx Sonja Bob


Kelsey said...

These are absolutely stunning! I think in my next life, I'll be an artist. =)

SONJABOB said...

thank you so much :)