September 23, 2013

DIY earrings, what I wore and other tidbits

I love the weather here in Indy today (on Friday.. didn't get to upload this until now.. because I was in NASHVILLE all weekend! yaaay!!)! It was storming all night and still is, and it's so grey and windy and rainy outside (so my enthusiasm might seem a little misplaced to you), but I LOVE it because it's finally time for fall. :) I have been putting gallons of Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer into my coffee ever since it appeared in the stores, and it's probably gonna be my most missed thing when I fly back home in a week and a half (aaah!). Besides my boyfriend of course. ;)

Since the weather was so fall-like and grey and cuddly and awesome I spent the day crafting like crazy. Oh and I also went shopping in the morning, to get craft supplies and red lipstick for the Taylor Swift concert in Nashville on Saturday. sorrynotsorry.. ;) At the Origins counter I got some free goodies - always a good thing (and I'm loving my new eye cream! The Origins GinZing - so refreshing in the morning). And I finally got the perfect denim button up shirt that I have been searching for. And the best sweater in the world.

Inspired by this DIY book I made these lovely earrings (see below). I made 3 pairs - one for me, one for my lovely friend Lesley Bob and one for my friend Chrissi back home, so I have an awesome DIY project to give her when I finally see her again. :) Because DIY like presents are the best presents! I'm so happy about them! They are the first pieces of jewelry that I've made (and they were the perfect project to start with - SO easy!!) and I'm SO happy with how they turned out. I already got tons of compliments wearing them out to a birthday party that same Friday night. So I'd say they were a big DIY success. :) Lesley Bob liked hers too! I have 3 other jewelry projects that I definitely want to do out of that book before I leave so expect at least a couple more bohemian inspired jewelry DIY's. ;)


After crafts day I spent the rest of the night going to my friend's birthday party, cuddling with her 3 month old Aussie pup and her sister's newborn baby. Here's my outfit of the day (ootd) and make-up. It was an awesome day!

(dress: h&m; leggings: victoria's secret; shirt: levi's; shoes: pointer; watch: casio; jewelry: handmade + accessorize + gifts + vintage)

I then spent this weekend in Nashville, mainly for the Taylor Swift concert haha. It was so perfect though. And I love that town and I'm super thankful that I got to go before I have to leave. Nashville pics are coming up soon - from my previous visit also, that was a couple of months ago. But now I have to watch the Dexter finale before someone spoils it for me. because you gotta have your priorities in order. ;)

happy monday! :)

xx, Sonja Bob

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