October 26, 2009

My cupholders and tea-parties.

I am a little perfectionist when it comes to.. well, everything basically. But there are certain fields that are more involved than others. Therefore I don't even think that perfectionist may be the right term, because a perfectionist has specific ideals in mind, like the perfect car has to be "insert what your perfect car would be like". I don't have many of these ideals, for example I don't know what my perfect car would be like or my perfect house or my perfect job or whatever. I only have certain ideas that I like, like a car, perfect or not, must have good cupholders. My house, whatever it may look like, must look like it's mine, so very cozy but also very stylish and one-of-a-kind. Blah Blah. See what I mean? I think perfectionists (at least that's how I define that word) are people who have "checklists" in their head that need to be fulfilled. I don't have checklists, what's perfect how and when is something I don't know from the start but that I learn once it's in process.
Something I am ridiculously crazy about though is my food. I love to cook and bake and make a perfect meal from a perfect recipe that looks perfect on the perfect plate so that I can take a perfect picture. And it's not only about cooking, it's also about like "I really want a coffee with a muffin right now" - then it has to be the perfect muffin with the perfect coffee and I go mental on the delight i get when I finally have those things. Food. I'm serious. That's why you're gonna see very many pictures of food on this blog. The picture in this entry for example is today's breakfast: French Toast with Syrup and an egg sunny side up. Just sayin'...

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