October 26, 2009

My cupholders and tea-parties.

I am a little perfectionist when it comes to.. well, everything basically. But there are certain fields that are more involved than others. Therefore I don't even think that perfectionist may be the right term, because a perfectionist has specific ideals in mind, like the perfect car has to be "insert what your perfect car would be like". I don't have many of these ideals, for example I don't know what my perfect car would be like or my perfect house or my perfect job or whatever. I only have certain ideas that I like, like a car, perfect or not, must have good cupholders. My house, whatever it may look like, must look like it's mine, so very cozy but also very stylish and one-of-a-kind. Blah Blah. See what I mean? I think perfectionists (at least that's how I define that word) are people who have "checklists" in their head that need to be fulfilled. I don't have checklists, what's perfect how and when is something I don't know from the start but that I learn once it's in process.
Something I am ridiculously crazy about though is my food. I love to cook and bake and make a perfect meal from a perfect recipe that looks perfect on the perfect plate so that I can take a perfect picture. And it's not only about cooking, it's also about like "I really want a coffee with a muffin right now" - then it has to be the perfect muffin with the perfect coffee and I go mental on the delight i get when I finally have those things. Food. I'm serious. That's why you're gonna see very many pictures of food on this blog. The picture in this entry for example is today's breakfast: French Toast with Syrup and an egg sunny side up. Just sayin'...

October 9, 2009

My clean hands

This is something which I found on the way to Hannover at some restroom. I went to Hannover a few weeks ago with Justin and Jenny to go to the Germany-Azerbaijan soccer game. I have noticed that many soup dispensers are now called "Soap Susi", not only this one but also the one at the Düsseldorfer Subway next to the university. The other pictures of my Hannover trip are coming up soon, but I thought I should give this one extra credit. Unfortunately, they wouldn't let me take my DSLR-camera onto the premises so there will be no high quality pictures of people such as Michael Ballack as originally planned. Now I'm gonna take a shower and then buy a "Nussecke" at the bakery where Jenny works. ;)

October 5, 2009

My faces.

This is something I found while eating gingerbread. Fun stuff, isn't it? Now I have to get ready for my cousins because I will be staying with them for the next 3 days. But first I have to go get my hair done and pick some stuff up in Düsseldorf I couldn't afford to buy last week. ;)

October 1, 2009

My airport

My dearest friend and roommate Carina went to the U.S. for the summer (crazy lucky might I add), she's actually already back now but when she left I accompanied her to Düsseldorf Airport and after she passed security I spent some time rocking the local H&M which is a great thing to have around when you're really bored. This is what happened, I tried everything on that I liked and almost (thank god not all of it) everything fit... well... tomorrow I have another shopping trip ahead of me (in my defense, there haven't really been any since the airport-h&m-overtake) and I'm hoping it will be just as sucessful. So I'm actually gonna go to bed now cause I have to get up really early tomorrow. talk to you guys later, much love!