October 26, 2009

My cupholders and tea-parties.

I am a little perfectionist when it comes to.. well, everything basically. But there are certain fields that are more involved than others. Therefore I don't even think that perfectionist may be the right term, because a perfectionist has specific ideals in mind, like the perfect car has to be "insert what your perfect car would be like". I don't have many of these ideals, for example I don't know what my perfect car would be like or my perfect house or my perfect job or whatever. I only have certain ideas that I like, like a car, perfect or not, must have good cupholders. My house, whatever it may look like, must look like it's mine, so very cozy but also very stylish and one-of-a-kind. Blah Blah. See what I mean? I think perfectionists (at least that's how I define that word) are people who have "checklists" in their head that need to be fulfilled. I don't have checklists, what's perfect how and when is something I don't know from the start but that I learn once it's in process.
Something I am ridiculously crazy about though is my food. I love to cook and bake and make a perfect meal from a perfect recipe that looks perfect on the perfect plate so that I can take a perfect picture. And it's not only about cooking, it's also about like "I really want a coffee with a muffin right now" - then it has to be the perfect muffin with the perfect coffee and I go mental on the delight i get when I finally have those things. Food. I'm serious. That's why you're gonna see very many pictures of food on this blog. The picture in this entry for example is today's breakfast: French Toast with Syrup and an egg sunny side up. Just sayin'...

October 9, 2009

My clean hands

This is something which I found on the way to Hannover at some restroom. I went to Hannover a few weeks ago with Justin and Jenny to go to the Germany-Azerbaijan soccer game. I have noticed that many soup dispensers are now called "Soap Susi", not only this one but also the one at the Düsseldorfer Subway next to the university. The other pictures of my Hannover trip are coming up soon, but I thought I should give this one extra credit. Unfortunately, they wouldn't let me take my DSLR-camera onto the premises so there will be no high quality pictures of people such as Michael Ballack as originally planned. Now I'm gonna take a shower and then buy a "Nussecke" at the bakery where Jenny works. ;)

October 5, 2009

My faces.

This is something I found while eating gingerbread. Fun stuff, isn't it? Now I have to get ready for my cousins because I will be staying with them for the next 3 days. But first I have to go get my hair done and pick some stuff up in Düsseldorf I couldn't afford to buy last week. ;)

October 1, 2009

My airport

My dearest friend and roommate Carina went to the U.S. for the summer (crazy lucky might I add), she's actually already back now but when she left I accompanied her to Düsseldorf Airport and after she passed security I spent some time rocking the local H&M which is a great thing to have around when you're really bored. This is what happened, I tried everything on that I liked and almost (thank god not all of it) everything fit... well... tomorrow I have another shopping trip ahead of me (in my defense, there haven't really been any since the airport-h&m-overtake) and I'm hoping it will be just as sucessful. So I'm actually gonna go to bed now cause I have to get up really early tomorrow. talk to you guys later, much love!

September 28, 2009

My From Dusk till Dawn

Whenever I spend my nights in Kleinenbroich instead of Düsseldorf and I have an early class I like to take pictures of the sunrise.

My beloved muffins

Hello my dearest readers (which cannot be many)! I have been really lazy with this blog and haven't updated in forever. Same goes for my website. But I'm updating now plus uploading a new website design in the next couple of days (let's hope).
So. I have to catch you guys up on a bunch of stuff.
First comes first. I am really loving baking right now and I am constantly looking for some new recipe that I can try out. I really liked the chocolate fudge muffins I made a couple of weeks ago. With cream cheese frosting, yummie! For those of you who don't know, I'm a little perfectionist when it comes to my food. Actually, I'm a perfectionist all the way, but it particulary concerns my food habits. That's why you shouldn't be confused if I upload a lot of pictures on here to show you what I had for dinner and such.
Talk to you all later, Bob.

April 6, 2009

Mein Herz schlägt für das Sauerland.

Unser Wochenendtrip nach Winterberg. In Winterberg gabs nämlich noch Schnee. Zum Skifahren. Jedenfalls Samstag. Sonntag war die Saison vorbei. Dafür gabs Sonntag eine Kreuz- und Querfahrt durchs Sauerland zu der ein oder anderen örtlichen "Attraktion". Orientierungslosigkeitsbedingte Umwege wurden in der Route nicht berücksichtigt.
x1) Start
x2) Ziel
x3) Erzbergwerk
x4) Dechenhöhle

February 20, 2009

My story.

This is something I picked up from Facebook. Everyone is doing it and I thought it was pretty fun:

25 Random things you might already know about me.. Or not..

1.) I love singing. Although I wouldn't say that I suck terribly at it I also wouldn't say that I'm great, either. Still - I love doing it. Anywhere, anytime. In the car (where I combine my amazing singing talent with some pretty smooth dance moves), the shower or on the occasional midnight dog walks.

2.) I have a dog named Apollo. He is gay. We have shared our ups and downs over the years and he has an exceptional talent of embarassing me. But I still love him.

3.) When I was in elementary school, a friend and me founded an Emergency Rescue Club for Animals. Our first and last patient was a bumble-bee who had something wrong with its wings. I stepped on it.

4.) I am obsessed with choosing deodorant, shampoo or shower gel. I love trying out their delicious different smells to pick out something new almost every single time. What I also like to buy in unprecedented numbers are cosmetics.

5.) I'm almost always in a good mood. It takes a lot to bring me down. I'm usually smiling and laughing all day long. Still: I'm also a quite serious person. I've spent a lot of time thinking about the world, life or people and I would say that I usually see things very clearly.

6.) I love reading. When a book fully mesmorizes me it's all I can think about. I pick out individual bookmarks for every book I read (movie tickets, flyers, postcards, whatever). They always underline some aspect of the book that is the most important to me. This can also be something really random.

7.) If I had to choose a fictional character that describes me the best, I would say it's Lorelai Gilmore.

8.) Everyone thinks my natural haircolor is so pretty (strawberry blonde), but ever since I was a little child I've always wanted dark brown, blackish curls. Neither is my hair very dark, nor does it reveal any curls. It's so very frustrating.

9.) My future home will probably be somewhere in Colorado. Although I've never actually been to Colorado I've seen enough to know that this could be somewhere I belong. If I won't end up in Colorado, it's gonna be somewhere very much like it.

10.) Further proof of #9 is that I am in love with the U.S.. I couldn't imagine a better place to live. And this is something I already know, considering that I've lived in New Albany, IN for 6 months of my life already.

11.) I love music. I usually need it 24/7 (though I can also get sick of it and thus needing some quiet) and also enjoy getting productive myself, for I can play the piano, the transverse flute and I am currently learning how to play the guitar. People might think that my musical taste is slightly off but I like it nonetheless.

12.) I may act innocent, but deep down I have a pretty dirty mind.

13.) I spend a lot of time with my favorite TV show: Scrubs. I could watch it all day long (if I didn't feel like a couch potato doing so). I quote from it whenever I can.

14.) I utterly love looking at the stars. Everything seems to fall into place when you think about how amazing life truly is. I find the whole clerical institution idiotic, but I do believe (especially in moments like these) that there is something bigger out there that a human mind is not able to comprehend.

15.) My Mom has Multiple Sclerosis. I never talk to anyone about this ever, not even the people who are the closest to me.

16.) I am a car enthusiast to a point where it's almost getting ridiculous. I wouldn't count the times I've made my surroundings jump by yelling "Omg, a Mustang!"..

17.) I've cried in almost every movie/TV show I've ever watched. (I'd like to think that this is due to my sensibility and humanity.. life is so very touching.) To paint you a picture, this list also includes Star Wars III, Batman begins, Scrubs or Free Willy.

18.) I have the PADI Open Water Diver's license. I got it when I was 14. Although I don't excactly kill for opportunities to dive, it's still really fascinating and something totally different.

19.) I deeply hate every little detail about Valentine's Day. I think it's the most preposterous holiday in the entire history of holidays, most of all because there's nothing special about a present you get on Valentine's Day, seeing that it's an obligation to be getting you one. What's so romantic about people following the rules?

20.) I make lists about almost anything. It's downright ridiculous. Lists I've come up with so far are i.e. Lifestyle, What I need/have to do in life, to perfect Life or Style, Recipes I have to research, Songs I have to play on the guitar or the trivial to-do/to-buy-list.

21.) I am fascinated by people. People are so weird.

22.) I've always believed in true love. I believe that with the right person, everything will be naturally perfect, and that it will work out, come what may. Yes, I do believe in magic and signs (and sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith), but I also believe that YOU have to make yourself happy, because no one else is going to do it for you.

23.) I love the mountains. They have their own atmosphere that cannot be put in words. We used to go to Bavaria like every year to go hiking and stuff, and although I wasn't always a fan at the time, I wouldn't want to miss any memory I have of those trips.

24.) One thing that I really wanna do someday is to professionally learn how to surf. And I wanna swim with dolfins or orcas.

25.) I am insanely scared of the dentist. Seriously, I never go there unless I absolutely have to. And if I do, it's like I'm about to get open heart surgery. What I hate about it the most is that you are lying in this really awkward position that makes you feel exposed and totally helpless. Plus: I always have a cavity, which is due to some stupid hormones and will probably stop when I'm about 25.

February 15, 2009

My newest Hobby.

Helloooo. Conscientious as I am: Here's my new blog entry. Wohoo!
It's not that long, just wanted to show you my newest discovery due to my newest hobby: As of recently, I like to cook and bake sometimes, or rather to be creative while cooking and baking. And when I was googling some new recipes a couple of days ago I stumbled across this website that is just awesome, my own personal heaven.


One of the best things about this page are the different BBQ-Sauces you can make from scratch. I can't wait to try those out!
Now I have to get ready for Daniel's little birthday party! Goodbye!